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All people are trying to improve their standard of living, they are trying to consume only quality goods. Quality goods are brands. People like to buy famous brands of cars, things, goods for the home. If a person purchases the best goods, he gets a sense of security and tranquility.

But in the world of business there is always competition. There are many other enterprises that produce the same goods and with the same quality. But the sale of goods without a brand is not very high. The same applies to services. The entire market of goods or services will always focus on large and reliable firms.
This same rule applies to the gaming industry. Most customers rely on the famous gaming companies. Any new firm can not withstand great competition.

The market can rarely break through new gaming platforms. There can be very high-quality games from new companies, but people will still strive for brands that have been tested before.
People are afraid of strong changes in their usual life and try to act as usual and like all other people.

New technologies of online games are constantly being improved. Therefore, many casinos are constantly improving their platforms and methods of attracting new customers. Technologies change the entertainment market, make game platforms more perfect, convenient and safe for all participants.

There are many well-proven gaming platforms that offer great deals and great prizes, but there are also new ones that come with even more profitable offers. Unfortunately, for future platforms it is difficult to create a brand that people will be guided and recognized.

Creating a good and famous name costs a lot of work and money all the time.
Every day, we need to spend advertising campaigns to keep our products on top of sales.
The same applies to gaming companies that spend a lot of money and time on keeping their customers on their platforms. It's an expensive affair, but so now the gaming industry works in all countries.

Users of modern gaming platforms do not have confidence in the organizers.
For participants in these platforms, trust is also a serious problem. When they participate in gambling, they get certain chances and ways of calculating the winnings.
In modern games, the chances are underestimated and the participants do not get their money, in addition, the casinos themselves can not even pay out major winnings.

The gaming industry began to move to modern mobile platforms, which became very popular with the development of the mobile Internet. Most of the famous casinos can be found in large services that offer download applications on the Internet.
Most of the games are obsolete, the winnings are still poorly calculated. New companies come up with various exciting gambling, which can really satisfy the need of many participants in gambling. However, they can not attract new players to modern platforms.
Game developers also suffer from weak market development. They create promising and exciting games for different companies that use them for investment.
New gaming products can not become a hit, as they do not get to develop without the support of the gaming industry. Therefore, young companies are forced to take money for development from financial structures on unfavorable terms. They end up losing in the long run.

Details of the project JOY TOKEN

Any problems are solved when there are new technologies. Technology is what you can use to change the outdated system of the modern gambling industry.
The company JOY TOKEN has developed a solution that can change the work of developers, software specialists, players and casinos.
This will help all parties in the gambling industry who are in dire need of changes. A new blockchain technology will be introduced to create a new secure and flexible economy within the platform. Smart contracts for such a system will be used when the actual launch of the game begins. Games will run on smart contracts, not directly on the blockchain.
The presence of such a system will increase the players' confidence in the platform, as they will be able to check all the results of any game and all the costs of money that the casino organizers make.
The platform will also allow the casino to view the lists of these games as part of the services they offer in their casinos. This will be an ideal cooperation between casinos, developers and software specialists, and therefore can lead to the introduction of the best innovations in the gambling industry. For game developers and upcoming gambling, it is necessary to create a brand, since the main problem of trust will be solved by blockchain. Blockchain is respected for ensuring transparency and security in technology.

Smart contracts will become a very important part of the Joy Gaming platform. Details of each game that will be created on the JOY TOKEN platform will be available to players.
They will also be recorded using smart contracts and block chains.
Continuity of Blockchain guarantees the display of information to players. The decentralization of the platform will help prevent changes that usually occur in systems where there is an administrator. The reward system can be checked by the player through the system.
Smart contracts also guarantee that the platform will work without interference from scammers.

The Joy platform will have a service such as Joy Gaming Stack, which will be able to use the best technology to optimize the platform.
There will be three components: a block platform layer, gaming applications and a random number generator (RNG). These services will work together to ensure the effective operation of the platform.

Usually in practice in a casino, before any type of participation, a certain amount must be deposited in the casino account. The blocking layer on the Joy platform eliminates this practice, allowing players to control their means. The funds used for the games will remain the property of the player if he or she does not lose. Traditionally, when the deposit was made, the money belonged to the casino, and it had to be fully used up. For this method, players are provided with Joy Wallets, where they store their funds.

Player bet will be sent to a smart contract that will determine the outcome of the bet, make it decentralized. This method is known as the token management method, which is part of the chain layer. The result is also solved through smart contracts. When a bet is made by a player, the platform generates information relating to this bet. Then this information is entered into an intellectual contract that takes into account all the factors before deciding on the outcome of the bet made in the game. The winner of the game is credited after the result is achieved. The losing funds will be redistributed on the platform for other purposes. Game applications and RNG are more technical and explained in their document, which will be linked at the end of this article. For RNG, the goal is to create a random unique number for each bet made by the participant.

All the technical aspects associated with gaming applications are to preserve the traditional feel of the game, while the entire gameplay remains transparent and decentralized.
User experience is the number one priority for the Joy Gaming network.
The project wants to create a platform on which players will have the opportunity to play the games they want without fear that they will come from a small brand. The payment system will remain as transparent as with blockchain technology.

The use of intellectual contracts will increase the honesty of the Joy Gaming network. Through the Joy platform, game developers will have a platform through which they can access casinos and other businesses that can increase their liquidity by offering better deals than what is provided in the current structure.

Verification of activities in games will also be possible, thanks to the transparency offered by the blockchain platform. The Joy platform will be based on Crypto Ethereum, which was effectively used on other platforms. It also provides users with the ability to create smart contracts, which makes it suitable for this system.

The Ethereum system may be suitable, but it is not ideal for the gaming industry, since it has very little scalability that can affect the transactions and results that are usually needed almost immediately by the players.
The team of Joy Gaming will have technologies that will help improve the game process.

Gambling may require confirmation of identity. Users of the Joy platform must complete the KYC forms. There are certain services that will require legitimate data for users to have the best experience of the Joy platform. Regulatory authorities may also require this information in an attempt to protect citizens.
Registration will help add the user's public key to the Joy network. This key is important for tracking previous games played on the platform.

The Joy network will become practical thanks to the use of Joy tokens.
The Joy icons will have different options depending on who uses the tokens on the Joy platform. For players, tokens will act like casino chips.
They can be used to place bets for a particular game. Joy tokens can be used to obtain commissions for services offered on the Joy platform. Developers can receive a commission for the services offered by the casino; this can also be a way for the casino to ensure payments from players and a number of other uses that are described in detail in the Joy Gaming Network literature.
The Joy platform can become an entirely new platform for gambling with the use of new technology.
The project will be able to expand access to a wider market for its products through users who will be registered on the platform, it can provide players with exciting new games that will revitalize the gaming experience, developers will also get a great advantage as they can participate in various games.

Selling tokens, ICO 

The idea behind the Joy platform is a great idea. The project will be able to evolve into something real.
Implementation requires funds that will pay for all the services and products needed to implement this platform.
A number of sales of tokens have been conducted, which are still being conducted to help get the required amount. Tokens will be distributed after all stages of token sales.
The Joy platform offers many features, which she described in detail in her document, which can be read at this link https://joytoken.io/white-paper.html.
It provides a more technical and detailed overview of the platform for those who want to understand and make their choice on investment.

Currently, you can buy tokens with a 10% bonus. To do this, go to the project site https://joytoken.io/ and register for token purchases.

Supply  700,000,000 JOY
Price  1 JOY = 0.20 USD
Hard cap: 46,340,000 USD
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Accepted Currencies  ETH, BTC and Wire Transfer
Token Distribution Date  19th April 2018
Emission Rate
No new tokens will be created

Website:           https://joytoken.io/

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