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Rapid development of technology, production brings additional profit to enterprises and employees. An opportunity is created to invest in various promising projects to generate additional income and increase capital.
Some investors invest their money in the stock market, buy shares, or simply keep money in banks, receiving a small percentage of the deposit.
But for two years now there is the most profitable type of investment - the trade in crypto assets in the sphere of Cryptocurrency.
Despite numerous prohibitions, the cryptography market is growing and its popularity is spreading all the time.
The number of participants in the crypto market and traders is constantly growing. Profit in the crypto industry can be obtained by various actions: on the exchange of conventional money on the crypto currency, the trade in virtual currencies with the growth or fall of prices, by investing in new projects based on blockchain tenology.
All these actions require special knowledge, as well as convenient financial instruments. There are still no reliable platforms for working with investments in the field of cryptography.
To eliminate the problems of modern investors and help newcomers, a new Blackfolio project is being created.

More about Blackfolio project

The new Blackfolio platform will be the first assistant for all participants of the crypto-currency market. It will be able to combine all the functions of trade and investment, provide easier access to all wallets and crypto-currencies.
Blackfolio will provide notifications of all events that occur in markets or crypto sites.
The project platform can help participants manage the assets that are in your wallet. The platform will become a reliable partner of traders, as well as newcomers in the world of investment. The motto of the project is reliability, simplicity and accessibility.
Blackfolio is created using artificial intelligence that can help all participants exchange currency, conduct a qualitative market analysis and find the best option for investing. This will create the best solution for all those who wish to start investments without special knowledge and operate their assets on a single and universal platform.

The main advantages of the Blackfolio project

The Blackfolio project was created and developed by the best experts in the world of Cryptocurrency for many years. The developers of the project have created a reliable and accurate system, which is suitable for work and professionals and beginners.
All participants of the platform will be able immediately and without much knowledge to start trading in assets and much more. The main feature of the platform is the introduction of advanced blockchain technology. This will ensure the complete safety and reliability of the system functions.
It will be impossible to operate scammers, hackers and other cyber-crimes.
The Blackfolio platform will provide each participant with the best market strategies for a reliable profit.
Blackfolio provides resources and sites where you can find the latest news and information. Information is basically a weapon for all traders.
Instead of wasting time searching for information on crypto-currencies on other sites, such a feature will be built into the Blackfolio platform. Of course, there are many other features offered by Blackfolio to help you during trading and investing in Cryptocurrency.
This is not just a platform for asset management, but also a reliable advisor on the best ways to improve profitability.

Advantage of the platform for beginners

Many newcomers to the world of cryptography are usually afraid of losing their money, because they do not have knowledge and practice. The Blackface platform provides the best conditions for investing and trading without special skills and knowledge.
The platform has three main categories for participants: experienced, beginner and intermediate level.
Each new platform member can choose the appropriate level, and receive suitable programs. At any time, you can move to a higher level and get more professional knowledge and opportunities for trade and investment.

Roadmap, the way of development 2018

The sale of tokens, investment in the project

Blackfolio creates its own internal currency project - Tokens Black Tokens.
This will create a convenient and fast economic model for the interaction of all participants. All transactions and exchanges will be made through project tokens.
Below is a description of sales of tokens:

Start ICO 25.03.2018 End 30.04.2018
Token name - BLACK
Token price - 1 BLACK=$0,04
Token type - ERC-20
Hardcap - 15,900 ETH
Softcap - 1,875 ETH
Total supply - 318,000,000

To participate in the project and buy tokens, you need to go to the site https://www.blackfol.io/ 
and register.
Currently, you can earn 10% bonus, so hurry to participate in the project.

Social contacts:

Website:           https://www.blackfol.io/

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