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Blockchain is presenting to us the Internet of Value. Another stage to reshape the universe of exchanges and information for purchaser and business alike. YourBlock completely plans to be at the bleeding edge of this ‘computerized unrest’.

YourBlock, planning to be the primary Blockchain based correlation and boosted based Personal Data stockpiling stage. Permitting the shopper secure access to cites for items and administrations when the buyer needs. Savvy contracts between the buyer and specialist organizations finished on the Blockchain.

YourBlock will permit the two purchasers and specialist co-ops a safe territory to execute business, to deal with that record safely all through the agreement term.

Idea YourBlock

YourBlock is expecting to be the fi rst Blockchain based comparisonand boosted Personal Data stockpiling stage. A Blockchain advanced fi ling bureau, planned from the beginning to address the need of customers to have some place protected and secure to store their information, information that they use regularly to deal with their everyday lives.


YourBlock is based on private information store (Database + Blockchain) that will grapple itself to the general population Ethereum Blockchain. This bamboozles the two universes, the information honesty and unchanging nature of people in general Blockchain, combined with the security and adaptability of a private information store.

When outlining an endeavor Blockchain arrangement, it is essential that the accompanying attributes are accomplished:

➥ Permissioned/Private: no one but individuals can compose; outsiders can be conceded perused get to
➥ Decentralized/P2P: measure up to control over DB imparted to all members; conveyed full duplicates (“hubs”) to guarantee an entire record dependably exists and is accessible
➥ Unchanging nature and Data Integrity: records cryptographically secure; unthinkable for awful on-screen characters to undermine information respectability
➥ 4 Scalability: taking care of expansive exchange volumes without bargaining system synchronization, security, openness or information uprightness
➥ Security: information encryption; administration of complex consents for members and outsiders. Different building outlines were considered along these 5 parameters, abridged in the table underneath:

Shopper benefits:

➤ Budgetary investment funds by sharing commission/start expenses earned by YourBlock, through straightforward value correlations and cautions, and through savvy following of spend on administrations
➤ Time investment funds and accommodation by just maintaining and offer a solitary Blockchain computerized fi ling bureau, and by utilizing keen contracts for simplifi ed claims, modifi cations, cancelations and restoration forms
➤ Higher information security by controlling who and when specialist co-ops get to. Restricting access to just the information totally important to off er the administration
➤ More noteworthy straightforwardness on similar administrations and on strategy/contract terms
➤ The more clients on the stage the more noteworthy the opportunity to show signs of improvement manages the specialist organizations for their items and administrations

Specialist organization benefits:

➤ Enhanced customer information quality, stayed up with the latest post onboarding
➤ Mechanized consistence with the EU’s new perplexing GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) information security controls
➤ Cost reserve funds and enhanced client encounter empowered by the robotization of onboarding and cases, modifi cations, cancelations and reestablishments of approaches/contracts. Lessened protection extortion using computerized brilliant contracts

YouBlock (YBK) Token Sale

YourBlock intends to raise €30 million Euros from the Token Sale. A greatest of €10 million will be taken in the Pre Sale (in spite of the fact that the quantity of tokens to be issued is variable, contingent on the rebate level). Those taking an interest in the Pre Sale will be subject to secure periods, subject to the sum they buy.

YBK Supply
Add up to token supply = 200 Million (200,000,000) YBK tokens
30% of YBK tokens sold to open in the token deal.
YBK Value = €0.50
Hard Cap = €30 Million
Delicate Floor = €5 Million

Fundamental Terms
Pre deal begin date: eighteenth December 2017 — €10 Million
Rebate on pre deal YBK tokens up to 40% — Lock in periods will

Pre sale end date: March 12th 2018 at 11:00 am
Main sale start date: March 12th 2018 at 12:00 midday
Main sale end date: April 23rd 2018 at 12:00 midday

For more information please visit our LINK:

WEBSITE:   https://yourblock.io/


Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1703903
ETH Wallet Address: 0x92eA6902C5023CC632e3Fd84dE7CcA6b98FE853d

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