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What is PayPro?

PayPro is decentralized bank created to deal with the new eco-system where the value is represented in a new form thanks to Smart Contract. Thus, PayPro is a decentralized financial-market where every DAPP can send services. We also develop Wallet where users will be able to store the crypto-currency and each ERC-20 mark.

Once we have built PayPro, users will be able to store ETH, BTC or GAS, for example, and use the market to invest in a crowdfunding platform, for example. Likewise, the shares received from the investment in the form of tokens, is also stored in PayPro.

  Coin Initial Offering (ICO)

Because PayPro is a complex challenge, we do not develop it. In fact, all of the code will be open source and we hope the community can join us in development.
We run the ICO is to raise the necessary funds to start this business. We are looking forward to start working with you in this amazing project.

Begining Us
PayPro was born in 2015 as an online tool to make payments in 25 currencies save up to 90% of hidden bank charges. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, collecting two rounds of funding for 750,000 total, and spend a little more than one year on the market. We successfully extracted € 500,000 per month, which is not bad at all compared with the beginning Kantox or Transferwise, for example.

We understand that the core functions should PayPro capacity to store money values ​​and 
spending it.

PayPro will accept most forms of currency cryptography. Using Ethereum will allow users to store at least 100 the currency most often used by the volume of transactions per day.

PayPro Token

PayPro Token (PYP) will be the main currency in our ecosystem, facilitating transactions in the market. The main purpose of the PYP is that they will be used for political rights and the use of:

Political right

Voting on the technical design: the public may propose new technical design to modify, add or  remove elements from the new version of the protocol.
 Voting monetary policy: While PayPro will set the initial inflation rate, sign holders will be able to tailor our Token inflation up or down (within a range).

Token Sale
What is a Token Sale?
When further development is required from a company, markings made by the company may be given in exchange for funds.
Benefits from the sale of the double mark; from a corporate perspective, the main advantage of it is that the company gets faster access than the traditional establishment. From an investor's perspective, there are a large number of reasons why this method can be more attractive than the traditional investment

Why is a ICO?
Because we really believe that PayPro made into global change, we also believe that it should be understood by the global community for a number of reasons:
First of all, as a decentralized application is natural for us that conception must come from the community. Although our organization will be the main promoter, we also expect support from the community in terms of funding.
Second, We face major challenges in the field of numbers such as technology development, payment networks, strategy, compliance ... and therefore, sufficient funds needed to achieve our goals.
Last of all, PayPro Token (PYP) is the core of our network. PYPs will be a crypto-currency principal of our network and will also be used to deal with our partners as well as to fill all the available services in the network.

ERC20 standard used for all tokens made in the Ethereal.
ETH 20,000 will be placed and 40% of all PayPro Tokens will be issued in early sales.
The contract specified that delivery Token Smart PayPro can happen automatically just after ETH received

Token allocation is as follows:
  5% will be distributed to the public from time to time in exchange for R & D and bounties.
  15% is allocated for the initial investor and supporter and future partnerships.
  20% reserved for the team today and most importantly, motivation packages future team members.
  Last 20% will be held by PayPro, under the supervision of the community, to achieve future sustainability through income distribution networks.
Shipping Token PayPro (PYP) of Smart Contract will happen immediately after ETH sent.

Growth of 30%
Although there will be a long journey up to the product launch, we realize how difficult it is to get the user's first and therefore, we keep most of the funds raised to invest in growth.
This amount will be invested in Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and the Affiliate Program. It also includes hiring Chief Marketing Officer on board who will be in charge of designing and implementing strategic.

Other costs 30%
Including all payments necessary for the organization to keep working, as management salaries, rent, utilities, server or computer.

Token Sales Structure


For more information please visit our LINK:

WEBSITE:   https://www.payproapp.com/
Whitepaper  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YGg8kErFsCY_oSI9hDf7hAXS4PMiW86v/view

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1703903
ETH Wallet Address: 0x92eA6902C5023CC632e3Fd84dE7CcA6b98FE853d

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